Who Are we

Flatdog Adventure is dedicated to adventure travel.

Our amazing value for money and service are hallmarks of a Flatdog adventure tour. Our aim is to supply people who are young at heart and younger travellers who prefer a fun; independent; convenient and a responsible way to travel and really experience the places we visit, with plenty of free time to go off and make your own discoveries.

What makes us different from every other travel company is that we supply a range of products from some of the best independent operators around, these suppliers use a mix of local guides on shorter single county tours and western leaders on most of the multi county tours. This works perfectly, as employing a local guide in selected areas you will benefit from the wealth of his or her first hand knowledge, the best restaurants to eat in, the best food to choose when you're there AND how to read the menu! On multi region adventures and multi county tours are run by western tour leaders/drivers for safety and quality control. Our western guides are used in much the same way as local guides but they also use specialist local guides for certain excursions on route so clients get the local touch and knowledge, experience, and also the safety of western guides.

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