Resulted in 2 Tours

Istanbul to Tbilisi

Days: 29

Tour start: Istanbul - Turkey

Tour End: Tbilisi - Georgia

Country Visited:  China, Nepal, Tibet,

From AUD 2,150.00 +LTP GBP399.00

Immerse yourself in culture and venture off the tourist trail along the Old Silk Road, relax on the shores of Lake Van, visit beaches on the Black Sea, mighty Cathedrals and even Stalin's birth place.

Beijing Lhasa Shanghai 9

Days: 9

Tour start: Beijing - China

Tour End: Shanghai - China

Country Visited:  China, Tibet,

From AUD 3,440.00

From Beijing to Shanghai, Via Lhasa a feast of China and Tibetan highlights, designed not only for comfort but for the China and Tibetan Highlights you see.

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