Booking the Trip

Companies produce millions of brochures all around the world, many of them high gloss publications which are totally environmentally unfriendly. A significant portion of these are handed out at tourism trade shows and after the event are quickly binned, perhaps without even being looked at.
We have decided that we are through with paper brochures and as an alternative we produce detailed tour information sheets for each tour on our site which can be downloaded from our website.
We hope that given the cost of toner and ink cartridges few people will be tempted to print the pages or will only print the page or pages that they need and hopefully we will all save a few trees and make travelling a more enjoyable and scenic journey.

Whilst this site is designed to make booking as easy as possible, we appreciate that sometimes its nice to talk to a human being, so give us a call!
We can do the whole booking procedure over the phone.

Of course we reward loyalty and groups although it really depends on the tours you book as to the discount available to you.
please ask at time of booking to see if a discount can be offered.

The rule is that all tours should be running and not be cancelled within 45 days of travel.
Please note that this guarantee cannot apply if a tour is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, such as natural disaster or political unrest.
Check booking conditions for full details.

Provided final payment is received no less than 45 days prior to departure you will receive your travellers documents via email (if purchased through Flatdog Adventure), no later then three weeks prior to departure. If docs are required earlier then an admin fee of $50 Australian may be required.

Have a look at the dates and prices section of each specific trip, the left hand column is the availability column. 'AVAILABLE' means that there are several places left on the tour, but the sooner you book, the better.

Unfortunately it is not possible to just do sections of the tour. Some of the longer tours are made up of smaller tours completed back to back, and hence might be possible to book separately.

WOW great question but no, the prices quoted on the site do not include international flights, although we can usually organise them for you. Let us know at the time of booking, and we can look into them.

You and Your Travelling Companions

You bet, our clients want the fun, freedom and the flexibility of independent travel, but want to make the most of their time and hard earned money and prefer that someone else takes care of the hassles and organisation, our suppliers and itineraries as well as the team leaders make this happen.
Perhaps, you are a single traveller and like the safety and companionship of travelling with a few others, you will find great travelling companions to share the experiences and adventures with in one of our groups . Remember the majority of all travellers are just like you! they ask the same question and want the same things from travelling.

Good question!
No we do not supply typical group tours, most of our travellers consider themselves independent travellers, rather than typical group travellers. This is just as well because the style of adventure we supply to our clients is a long way from your typical group tour - freedom to explore and flexibility are fundamental! making what we offer a real alternative to backpacking.

There is no problem, on most tours you do not even pay a single supplement, how good is that and when you do it does not cost you your left arm.
if you are planning on travelling alone, (and nearly half of our clients do), we will set you up with a buddy ”same sex, of course!) However, if you really want your very own room and one is available you can upgrade for a few bit-coins extra.

Bill, Trevor, Jen, Wendy and a few others, but seriously every group is different, with a great mix of nationalities including Australian, British, Canadian, American, Swiss, New Zealander, South African and clients from all over Europe. Most people will be between 20 and 40 years of age (the vast majority of travellers will be in their 20s or early 30s), although we see plenty of energetic over 40s travellers, like me as well.

Getting prepared

Each tour has some specific packing requirements, all the information you require about the tour you are interested in we be emailed to you prior to departure.

Please note: Packing lists are supplied in good faith they are not Client specific, each client has there own personal needs when it comes to items required.

Money Matters

Included in the price of each trip is your tour leader, accommodation, transport, entrance fees to all the major highlights as listed on each tour, and also meals on many trips.

The local payment is the final part of your overall tour cost. It is to be paid in cash, in the currency indicated, to your tour leader at the start of your trip. Having a local payment helps us to pass cost savings on to you. Please note that the Local Payment is non-refundable.

Bring two if you can get them in case one stops working, or gets swallowed by the cash machine. There are quite a few places where you can draw out local money. But take care as your card can easily be stopped with the unusual use abroad (as a bank security measure). Which means you may have to get on the phone home to get it unlocked . As a precaution, before travelling ring your bank and tell them where you are going and when you will be away.

The best way to break up your money for a mixture of ease of exchange and safety is to take 33% cash in US$, 33% Travellers cheques in either US$ or Pounds sterling and 33% in money on your credit card – but you really need to bring two credit cards as they can easily be rejected by the cash machine in Africa due to your own bank blocking them as suddenly withdrawing cash in Africa will seem unusual to your bank at home. In East and Southern Africa ATM machines are available about every two to four days, but remember ATM machines only pay out local currency. On most borders you can change excess left over currency for the next countries money.
The balance of carrying a lot of cash is a risk you have to asses yourself in case you lose it.

US$ is the most widely recognised hard currency. When bringing travellers cheques bring the receipt and keep it separately. Many places want the receipt when you change. If your coming from USA bring $, from Europe - € & UK - ₤.

On Tour

We believe our combination of local and western tour leaders provides for the best travel experience. The feedback from our travellers over the years confirms the same. Our local guides are uniquely placed to share personal insights that simply can not be provided by outsiders or guidebooks. Our western leaders are able to totally appreciate your interests and needs and ensure these are being met. You will be encouraged by all our guides enthusiasm and passion.

It is an integral part of all our tours to give you enough free time to explore by yourself. Many of your most memorable experiences will occur when you branch out and do your own thing. We understand that different people have different interests, so we build in free time to make your own discoveries.

Breaking News and information

We require ALL clients, requesting gorilla permits to fill in a gorilla trekking request form so we are able to secure visa entry permits to Rwanda to trek the Mountain Gorillas.
Please request this form at time of booking, any client not filling in the request form, may miss out on the opportunity to trek.
This request form is not a guaranty for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda it is a visa entry request into the country to trek.

The Botswana government have changed their entry requirements for anyone who has travelled to regions in West Africa affected by the Ebola epidemic.
As of 19 August 2014 any travellers who have visited Ebola-affected countries during the last 30 days will be denied entry into Botswana. These countries currently include Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia. Additions may be made to this list should the outbreak spread. The above measure has been implemented by the Botswana Ministry of Health to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

We do not expect this change to affect any of our tours operating in the region. We continue to monitor the situation in West Africa closely and in the unlikely event that the situation should change, affected clients will be informed. If you have recently travelled to countries in West Africa affected by Ebola and are planning on joining a Tour through Botswana, please get in touch with a member of our Reservations Team immediately.

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