Australia and New Zealand tours

Discover Australia’s Landscapes, a vista of nature’s finest work of colour and contrast. Australia has places of great cultural, natural and spiritual significance and many include World Heritage-listed sites. Explore pristine beaches, ancient rainforests, rugged mountain ranges and vast national parks. Walk, climb, camp, ski, canoe, connect to living Aboriginal culture and commune with unique wildlife.
New Zealand:
The Land of the Long white cloud, do not underestimate this amazing country and its people, New Zealand are passionate about their country and protect it like no others, they have some of the most pristine environments left on earth, natural beauty that is second to none. Any country that jumps from a bridge with a rubber band around their legs and calls it Bungy jumping is a country worth a visit.

Highlights of Australia and New Zealand tours

New Zealand north Island | New Zealand South Island | Northern Territory | Western Australia

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