Optional Extras on tour

Side Trips & Optional Excursions

Are paid for on the spot. As a guide to help you budget your spending money, below are approximate costs for the side trips in (£GBP and $US). These prices are only a guide and may vary.

Our Optional Excursions Guide lists show optional extras available to do on your tour at your own cost. It is designed to be read in conjunction with your Tour Dossier and will help you to budget for your holiday. Check your Itinerary for details of the cities your tour visits, and then use the guide below to see what optional activities and excursions will be available to you.

Please Note: The prices are current as of the last updated date and are subject to change without notice.

the Optional Guides are linked to tours by tour codes eg.
"SA - OO" SA (South America) - OO (Operator code)

SA - OO - 1
SA - OO - 2
SA - OO - 3

AF - AT - 1 links to tours from "African Trails AFRICA" from tour type "AT"


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