Trans Africa Overland tour

Days: 210 Price: AUD 10,590.00

Tour start: London Tour End: Nairobi

A Trans Africa Overland Expedition from Europe to Kenya, through West Africa Via Cape town is a true Africa experience and is designed for the truly intrepid adventurer.

Capetown to Nairobi Via Gorillas

Days: 56 Price: AUD 3,840.00

Tour start: Cape Town Tour End: Nairobi - Kenya

Explore the Vineyards of Capetown, Lakes of the rift Valley the Spice Island of Zanzibar, Game parks of Kenya and Tanzania and the Mountain Gorillas from Uganda.

Cape to Nairobi 4X4 Self drive

Days: 56 Price: AUD 10,790.00

Tour start: Cape Town Tour End: Nairobi - Kenya

Self Drive African safari from Capetown to Nairobi, Fully supported 4X4 crew guiding the way.

London to Cape Town Trans Africa

Days: 147 Price: AUD 7,560.00

Tour start: London Tour End: Capetown - South Africa

Travel Overland from London to South Africa in 22 weeks, traversing West Africa by road. Down the entire west coast to Cape Town

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